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La Galerie d'Art Pappilia a le plaisir de vous convier à l’exposition des oeuvres de

Margaret Bolinska & Inga Falkowska

Margaret Bolinska

Inga Falkowska

Expositions et Ventes :

Du samedi 10 novembre au dimanche 2 décembre 2018

La Galerie est ouverte tous les samedis et dimanches.

de 17 à 20 heures et sur rendez-vous au 0498 789 876


Art is something deep in you It touches yourself It reveals your soul. It is pure and yet so accessible, It is an expression of love, but also of pain It is the expression of yourself ...

Let’s meet the strong expressive world of Margaret Bolinska. Her vision of the world she represents in different work and make use of different material. "The canvas is a socket with nature, colors and mystic as ingredients. Fragile and fascinating!” Marnix Vervaet

Margaret came in contact with the art when she was a teenager. Then she learned to make modern, colorful tapestries, which she designed. Here in Belgium she felt again a sudden need to create, be creative and she decided to discover the secrets of painting. She followed 5 years General Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Mechelen. Except the academy she followed other art courses. After years studying and experimenting she remains loyal to acrylic – her favorite medium of expression. Margaret Bolinska’s art reflects her deep feelings and her spontaneity. The constant mix of the unknown with a lot of dynamics, movement and passion results in colorful works with much force. Her paintings live! From the impressionist forms en imagines tot her own, specific style where sits unique power of her art. Her painting seems to be very expressive. “There is a veil over her works, sometimes with mysterious shadows, who are free, but unable to escape from their environment. ” “The painting is more than the lines and dashes. The painting ought to force us to think about. The image shouldn’t be vapid, it should rouse interest "- words of artist. The image is a reflection of the soul of the artist at that time, at the time of creation. " The last serie of Margaret’s paintings differs a little from her earlier works, which were characterized by huge dynamics, the rich and impulsive facture combined with bright colors, as well as with expressive deformation. Margaret’s works are exhibited in different galleries in Belgium. She started to show her works abroad. Her website gives the details of her exhibitions in the future and in the past.

Inga Falkowska

a painter and a poet „It is not the boat stopped by a tree log that is important, but the river that flows to the source of inspiration”.

In the paintings of Inga Falkowska, one may often encounter symbolism and expression. Its aim is to motivate the observer to contemplate the very nature of the existence of the human being. According to the artist, developing industrialization and the achievements of modern technology do not meet our emotional needs, which in turn leads to alienation and the feeling of being lost. Inga would very much like for her paintings, that are created and driven by heavy emotions and are a manifestation of her internal monologue, to be analysed and serve a higher purpose. Beauty and its visual image, with its superficial nature cannot be the priority in comprehension of any art form, as the essence of existence is to be looked for within the spiritual realm.

Colour is a major factor in Inga’s works. Acrylic paint and oil pastels are her choice. The majority of her paintings are held in low saturated shades. The canvas is often in a way split in two by an irregular line. This is a symbol of a gateway into the inner world. Faces and human figures demonstrate suffering, desolation or happiness, and often seem to fade, as if they are transgressing into a different domain by the means of teleportation.

My paintings are my thoughts, my inner world. Close contact with this world gives me extraordinary happiness that I wish to share along with my passion. I do not judge, as such judgment would always be subjective. To say that something is ugly or pretty is to name the perception of physical stimuli which, from my perspective, are not much of value. It is my desire to put my work forward for analysis that would be based upon spiritual involvement of our unconsciousness. I want the perceiver to become also the co-author, the co-architect of the image based on his or her own experience. It is this kind of collaboration that is the essence of my works.”

Inga Falkowska is the initiator of the first independent gallery in Brussels named “Wherenowhere”. The main aim of this project is to bring together artists from various parts of the word that share common passion, despite their cultural, political or religious backgrounds. A truly free gallery not bound or confined by contracts, empowering artists to be stimulated by their own and their art’s diversity. Inga is the author of lyrics sung by a Russian singer, composer and pianist Olga Mentchik. She is also the co-author of an artistic program linking Polish and Russian culture that was the foundation of a musical spectacle hosted repeatedly in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.